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Viajes: Perú 1973-74
by Edward Grazda

edition of 300 available from Ed@EdwardGrazda.com
for $30 US post paid

Viajes: Perú 1973-74 is Edward Grazda's tribute to Sergio Lerrain's El Rectangulo
En Lo Mano. Grazda discovered Sergio's modest 7x9 inch booklet with 17 photos (Cadernos Brasileiros, 1963, reprinted Edition Xavier Barral, 2018) while working at Magnum Photos in 1971. It's modest size and humble reproductions made an impression on him.
Ed has been a champion of Sergio Larrain's work since then. His copy of El Rectangulo was used as a reference in The Photobook: A History, Volume II.

Viajes: Perú 1973-74 is a 5x7" booklet with 17 photos taken on his first trip to Peru.



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